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Episode 54: Wrapping This Up

We departed Albuquerque in light snow (In early November? In New Mexico?) and made our way east through Tucumcari AZ, Quanah TX, Bonham TX, Shreveport LA, Vicksburg MS, Cottonwood AL, and on to Chattanooga TN, where we are now. Yes, I worked the route-planning carefully to avoid dragging the trailer through most of the big… Continue reading Episode 54: Wrapping This Up


Well, it does sound like that. I wonder if the Duke of Albuquerque ever had anybody beheaded for spelling his title wrong. Albuquerque Is the largest city we have stopped at since, well, I’m not sure. Maybe Edmonton Canada, way back in June? And it took much longer to get here from Roswell than we… Continue reading All-boo-cur-key


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