We Have a Winner!

2016 Arctic Fox 29-5T with personalized finger

After expanding the distance parameters of how far I wanted to travel to see a trailer, we came across an Arctic Fox 5th wheel in Durham North Carolina. The Arctic Fox model line is one that I had lusted over when I first started playing with RVs in 2013. The model line is produced by Northwood Manufacturing, which is one of the higher quality RV companies in the US. They are built out on the West Coast, so finding one on the East Coast was surprising.

Even better, when I contacted the owner via rvtrader.com, he responded quickly with answers to my questions. And after a few more exchanges, he offered to set up the trailer at a local campground in Raleigh NC and even let us spend the night in it. It was refreshing to have a person actively trying to sell his rig in such a direct manner. Now he does have a new Class A RV on order, so he had a strong incentive to clear the current one out of his driveway to make room for the new model.

So we went down to North Carolina, spent the night in the trailer, and the next day we accepted his asking price. We came prepared with a Cashier’s Check and all of the paperwork requirements that were required to allow us to tow the trailer out of North Carolina (a 10-day “drive away” tag) and then get it registered in Maryland with a 30-day temporary tag, pending completion of a state safety inspection (which was completed with no issues). And Maryland of course insisted on taking a 6% sales tax for this private sale that took place in a different state.

I should also mention that every one of the features we were looking for are present with this trailer. It was also very clean despite being 6 years old and had obviously been well maintained by the two previous owners. No regrets at all, even though the handle to the black tank broke off in my hand the first time I used it. Arrgh.

What’s next? We owe everybody a short video tour of the new rig, and I will be preparing a number of electrical upgrades for the trailer. We also have mega-tons of house work to jettison a large portion of our belongings as we prepare to sell our non-mobile house and hit the road.

One thought on “We Have a Winner!

  1. WOW!!! This is terrific!! I get to enjoy all your glamping and none of the multiple-legged or large clawed furry things you may encounter. Thanks much for all the effort that goes/went into this and I really look forward to more posts!


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