We’re Underway!

Our first big trip is underway with our departure for Georgia on December 18th. Any truly great adventure cannot have some hiccups during the start, and we had a couple.

But first, the bed unrolling. I was able to finish getting the bed frame trimmed down to match the new RV queen sized-mattress we had ordered. It took more bracing of the frame than I had expected, and an extra day of labor. We lugged the bed into the trailer and started the unpacking process.

Somehow This Burrito-Shaped Blob Will Turn into a Queen Mattress

We ordered this mattress sight-unseen, but it had many positive reviews of the company by other RVers. I had expected that once unrolled and free of the restraining plastic that the bed would expand slowly over 10-15 minutes, but it actually popped into shape in about one minute. And after sleeping on it for the last three nights, I can say that it is a huge improvement over the last mattress, and the space we gained in the bedroom is helpful when moving about.

Ready for use

The first leg of the trip took us from Southern Maryland to Linwood NC, where we spent the night at Crosswinds Family Campgrounds. It was a longer towing day than I prefer, but we arrived and found our assigned spot as the light was fading and the rain was starting. Then we discovered that we had lost a part off of one of the front stabilizing legs. Fortunately we could work around the missing part, and I have a new one on order for installation before departing here. Then, as the living room slide was being expanded, we missed that a cabinet door had unlatched during the trip. It was slightly ajar and interfered with the movement of the slide, resulting in a couple bent hinges on the cabinet door.

The next day was an uneventful journey with occasional AM rain showers on the route, but a clear blue sky on arrival at Lake Lanier. We have a great spot next to the lake with a wonderful view out the back of the trailer. The “campground” is actually a resort with RV parking spots, and one of the star attractions is an afternoon Margarita Truck that comes through the parking areas!

Our new front yard for Christmas 2021

CA and I hope everybody reading this has a great Christmas this week! We will remain here until December 27th, then head back up to North Carolina for a couple days with friends.

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  1. And so it begins!! I about spat out my applesauce at the burrito-bed description, but glad all is going reeeesonably well. That view (esp with a margarita!) is wonderful!


  2. Hi CA &JP, I just finished up with all your postings. You’ve been through a lot of learning and experience with getting on the road trip north. April is just around the corner. Pkease keep this up your travel and enconters are a joy to read. My the lord keep you both in the palm of his hand.

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