One Week Remaining

We are nearing our transition to the next phase of life and expect to move into the trailer full-time in a few days. The buyer’s requested repairs to the crawl space under the house are about complete, with only the bank’s appraisal inspection remaining for Tuesday. Hopefully they will agree with the value of the house. The local moving and storage company is on-contract to pack-up and store what we have left next week, then we will spend a full day cleaning up the pack-out debris and prepare for closing on the 4th. We’ll be leaving a few items of furniture and rugs behind that the buyer’s are interested in having, so that will save on our monthly storage bill. I’ve put together several pages of notes on the house and collected all of the appliance manuals for the soon-to-be new owners.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have removed and sold the sofa and two recliners from the trailer, as well as many more items from the house. We will replace the two recliners that came with the trailer with our own, and the space that the sofa-bed used to be in will house a chair and desk for any work that we need to accomplish while on the road.

The RV stereo that came with the trailer died a few weeks back, so I spent most of a day getting the old one out and splicing together the 3-zone speaker harness to match up with the new stereo harness, and I was quite happy when it all worked properly with the first application of power. No smoke or sparks! The next electrical task is to start replacing all of the halogen light fixtures with LEDs to reduce the load on the batteries.

We also added a kitchen counter extension that will give us a little more space while cooking. The extension folds down when not needed, and was the final woodworking project for me, at least while in this house.

Our US and Canadian National Park passes for 2022 have arrived, so we will be able to stay wherever we can find space, either private campgrounds, State/Province, or National. Route planning continues to be a game of daily revisions as we try to decide what stops we want to make. So many places to see!

5 thoughts on “One Week Remaining

  1. You both must be sleeping like ROCKS with allll the work you’ve been doing!! Mama Mia! Silver IS becoming Your new Home, with your dutiful clevernesses, like making a curved-edge table extension – bravo! Onward and upward!

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  2. John,
    Nice job on the counter extension. We’re glad to see you two making such great progress on your next phase of life. We wish you all the joy and success possible on your journeys. Please keep sending the updates, we are following your adventures with eager anticipation.

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  3. Outstanding update. I’m in awe of every capability employed in the prep and carrying out of this great new adventure. You two are going to have a fabulous trip. I’ll look forward to every update.

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