Out of the House

We are officially out of the house today and living in the trailer, and we will probably be living in it until we arrive in Alaska in early July. Once there, we expect that we may park the truck and trailer for a few days and make our way by plane or ferry to Juneau for a visit. Yes, it would be a sentimental visit since that is where we were engaged many years ago.

Below is our current living arrangement after removing the original chairs and couch, and replacing with our own chairs from the house and a desk for working/crafting. And yes, I am typing this at the desk. What, you can’t see me??

Cocktail Hour!

Tomorrow will be the final prep day to get ready for the packers to show up Tuesday morning. Everything that is left will get boxed up and put into crates by Wednesday afternoon, then we will spend Thursday cleaning the (mostly) empty house before we turn over the keys on Friday morning, then head south on Saturday. We will have a one-night stop-over in North Carolina, then on to a Park near Augusta Georgia to visit, before continuing on to Florida.

Other than our first house on Whidbey Island in the ’80s, the six years we have lived here have been the shortest time in any of the other houses we have owned, but it has been great. I expect at some point we will settle down again, but the question is where?

One thought on “Out of the House

  1. Do you put bungee cords on your chairs before hitting the gas…? Seriously, your new abode looks fahhhbulous!!


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