rootless – definition

adj – having no ties to a particular place or community
adj – wandering aimlessly without connections

It has been many years since we were without a house, but here we are again. Goodbye electrical bills, goodbye home owners insurance, goodbye lawn care. Hello campground fees, hello higher diesel prices, hello increased truck maintenance bills. Money can be saved living in an RV, but not when moving around as much as we will be.

The packing and loading of the remaining household goods went very smoothly, and we had a great team from Quality Transfer and Storage. Nine crates are in storage for who-knows how long. Whenever we finish this road trip we will give them a call to deliver the stuff to wherever we settle down.

The delayed appraisal agreed with the price that the buyer’s offered (Yay!), and we turned over the keys to the house this morning (3/4/2022), briefly meeting the buyers as they arrived for their final walk-through. The house and neighborhood will be great for the young growing family with four(!) dogs to run around the yard.

We will depart Southern Maryland tomorrow morning for Florida, with some stopovers in North Carolina and Georgia.

One thought on “Rootless!

  1. Woweeee!! Very glad there were no glitches in closing, and hooray for packers you liked. May your roads all be as smooth as pureed portabellas.


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