30 Days in a Trailer

How time flies. It has been 30 days since we spent the last day in the house and moved in to our rolling abode. Life in our tiny house has slowly evolved. We are a little better at organizing and putting things away than we used to be, and we are definitely better at keeping the small kitchen clean. With an assist from my #1 Son-in-Law, our little washer/dryer combo is running again after getting a new drain pump installed.

Since we arrived in Jacksonville, we have completed the process of getting our Florida residency back and updating the endless numbers of accounts that needed our new mailing/billing address. We are also down to Ruby as the sole means of day-day transportation since the Sienna has been passed along to a new owner. This is not a problem from the fuel standpoint since Ruby gets great mileage when not towing (24-25 MPG on the highway), but it does occasionally become a problem when running errands, due to the parking problem. Yesterday, it took us three tries to find a place for lunch that had a parking lot large enough to park the truck in without having one end or the other of the truck blocking the traffic flow. It ended up fine, since the Thai café we found was excellent and had true “Thai Hot” spice levels. Our lips were still burning an hour later; it was great!

Yum, spicy hot!

We will be here for a few more days, then start to make our way back north again with some short stays near Charleston SC and Roanoke Rapids NC before stopping in Annapolis. The long trek to Alaska starts on April 8th, and we expect to arrive in early July. We will make major stops outside Knoxville/Gatlinburg, Nashville, Paducah, Memphis, and the Bad Lands, with many smaller stops in Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

One thought on “30 Days in a Trailer

  1. A whole month, already…and how MUCH you’ve accomplished! (Thai spices must stop at Wuss Level Two for this girl. )
    Keep ‘er rollin’.


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