Yet Another Trip up the East Coast

Our trip north following the three-week stay in Jacksonville went well. We stopped just outside Charleston SC on the banks of Lake Moultrie for the first three days. On one of the days, we went into town to visit the Hunley Museum and the ongoing conservation effort of the Civil War submarine, which was very interesting. Then we stopped by the Firefly Distillery for some tastings and re-stocking, and enjoyed some live music and great burgers there before heading back to the campground.

Lake Moultrie South Carolina

We made a second stop in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina for a couple days, took a short walk along the Roanoke River, and generally enjoyed the weather, but the balmy southern temperatures we have enjoyed for the last month have now ended with our arrival outside Annapolis. The drive around the DC beltway was in heavy rain and temperatures in the lower 50s.

A Big Rockfish

Keeping ourselves entertained while towing on the road is not much different than we have used on previous car trips. CA does some sort of hand-work, and I tend to listen to an audiobook or podcast (though we now have a Sirius XM account which has been nice). Our current listen is “The Long Haul” which has been enjoyable. I don’t normally read/listen to non-fiction, but this has worked well as a good accompaniment to the drive and provides some interesting insights into the moving business.

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