Look! Up in the Sky!

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane!, No, it’s Superman!

Metropolis, IL

We are on the banks of the Ohio River, at Fort Massac State Park, just outside of Metropolis IL, and across the river from Paducah KY. Fort Massac is the first State Park to be established in Illinois and was a stopping point during the initial part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It is a nice campground, with each camping spot having plenty of space, though only electric hook-ups are present. We can hear the tug boats pushing barges up and down the river while sitting at the trailer.

Fort Massac Rebuilt Structures
The Ohio River, at Fort Massac State Park

Paducah KY, just across the river, is the home to the National Quilt Museum, so that is where CA spent her first day, enjoying viewing the talented work of other fiber artists.

National Quilt Museum

The next day we headed in to the small town of Metropolis, which is the home to the Superman Museum and the 12 foot tall statue seen below. Here’s a short video clip that somebody else put together that shows the area.

Metropolis IL, The Home of Superman
Lois Lane (Noel Neill) Statue
Lewis and Clark Memorial, Paducah

We’re off to Memphis for the next stop-over.

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  1. Well now JP , CA . l can see you are enjoying the trip and I Like I’m right beside you also enjoying your trip. Thanks for all the updates I really enjoy them. Til that time. Irish.

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  2. SUPER SON AND DAUGHTER_IN_LAW!!! Great tour and Carol-Ann, can you imagine making the quilt you were standing in front for the picture. Right after I watched the video the Youtube listing showed a Husky having to wear a harness. He was like Pearl’s brother!! I put a new one on Zoe and she headed right for the door but only lasted 5 minutes. Too many different sights and sounds for her! Can I forward any of these blogs? Love, mom

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