On the Bank of the Mighty Mississippi

As CA mentioned in her post yesterday, our current campground is on the Mississippi River (AKA the Big Muddy, or Ole Man River), and we have had some great views of the river traffic from the western shore. It’s very enjoyable to just sit and watch the traffic going by.

Here’s a list of Mississippi River songs put together by the National Park Service for your listening pleasure.

The barges heading upstream have a long voyage ahead of them as they fight the current. One barge that went by was barely making walking speed up the river. We also get the occasional cruise line vessel with passengers looking down on us from the deck as they sip their martinis. This is also one of the possible routes for those cruising The Great Loop, but I haven’t seen a single personal boat on the river, which is surprising to me.

Single Tug – Lost Load?
Long Barge
Cruise Line

Being on the Mississippi shoreline brings additional problems. Below is a photo of the camping area from the 2018 Mississippi River spring flood, which was not as bad as the 2011 flood.

2018 Flood

Another little tidbit of information, is that the Mississippi River marks the line where the radio station call-signs start with a “K” instead of a “W”

Our stay here has been enjoyable, with a stop at Graceland and the Memphis Botanical Gardens. We aren’t big into Elvis, but decided to go anyhow. And we ate more BBQ of course (I think even my sweat is smelling smoky at this point)! Next stop, Bentonville, in northwest Arkansas.

3 thoughts on “On the Bank of the Mighty Mississippi

  1. Man, what a trip that Loop would be! I have only even heard of two boaters that accomplished it. One of them was a captain teaching a new boat owner how to handle his new boat….allllll the way down the Mighty Mississippi & up the East Coast, then through the Great Lakes & back here.
    I hope the boater knew his ropes by then.
    Jim swam across the Mississippi as a teenager, dodging barges and incredulous captains as he went…a friend picked him up several miles downstream on the other side.


  2. What a treat to be tagging along ng on your journey through yours and Wife’s observations . Loving it all. Dad and I cruised up that same river at almost glood stage on our American Cruise Lines trip from New Orleans with the Breuer’s. Xoxo

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  3. What a place you picked JP, looks real restful. Old Man River is a song I really enjoy and love to sing with. I remember the movie. Looks like you and CA are really enjoying this travel plan except for the rain. Keep enjoying. Irish.

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