Kansas City (Which Isn’t in Kansas)

Since departing Memphis a few days ago, we spent a few days just south of Bentonville AR and are now on the outskirts of KC. When I said back on April 7th that we expected to follow Spring to the north, I thought that would be true, but instead I think we are chasing Winter. It is cold and wet here at the campground, and it will be in the mid-40s tomorrow morning. I think we should slow down the northerly trek and wait for Spring to catch-up with us. We keep switching between shorts and t-shirts at one stop, then into pants with sweatshirts and a vest to keep warm.

The stop in Bentonville was primarily to see the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. What in the world is a premier art museum doing in Arkansas, you may ask? Well I wondered about that too, and it comes down to the Walton family. Yes, that Walton family, of Walmart fame (not this Walton Family). When you have the money, the culture can be brought to where you want it to be. I have to say it is an impressive facility, and I enjoyed walking the grounds after perusing the inside artwork. Below is a photo of one of the several glass structures by Dale Chihuly that are spread about the grounds. We have been to several of his exhibits and always enjoy them. Some of his creations should be part of a Dr. Seuss Book I think.

Dale Chihuly Creation

It wasn’t all artsy-fartsy stuff for us in Bentonville, we also hit another winery (do you see a trend here?) and sampled their wares (bought two bottles) and a couple pizzas before heading up to our present locale.

We are still contemplating our tourist destinations here in KC, but I expect we will go visit President Truman’s former home, the Arabia Steamboat Museum, and sample at least one of the highly rated KC Steak Houses. Burp.

2 thoughts on “Kansas City (Which Isn’t in Kansas)

  1. Not in Kansas anymore?? Yes, that is indeed a metropolitan oddity.
    If you ever wanted a paleo diet, you’re in the right place! Meat, meat and more meat.
    Chihuly and Dr. Seuss surely share some genes…both were/are brilliant, and instantly recognizable, anywhere.


    1. You provide the best travelogue!! Thank you!! Here it is May 7th and the temp is 52 here in Maryland. My yard looks like the one in your pictures around the museum. Dogwoods all pink and white, azaleas in full bloom. Love it!

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