The Badlands!

I will admit to having a fascination with the Badlands for many years. At some point in my youth, I read an article (probably National Geographic) on the area and was entranced by the pictures that I saw. There is something about the rugged terrain, the strata, and the steep spires that connects with me. Maybe I was a Lakota Indian in an earlier life, who knows. After touring the park, all that I can say is that any picture you see of the area (including the ones I took below) do not adequately portray the true majesty of the terrain. Every bend of the road or hiking trail brought a new view that caused both of us to stop and absorb it. I look at the 2-D images, and while nice, they are missing a great deal of what we actually perceived in person. This National Park is a must see; after all in 500,000 years or so, it will only be a set of little mounds!

When we left, we were both a little overdosed with the glorious landscapes. This is a very nice video; make sure you switch to full screen mode to watch it.

NE Entrance Overlook
Except for the blue sky, this could be a lunar landscape
Like something out of Star Wars. There should be some pod racers in the gorge below.
Sculpted by Erosion
The Local Posse Hunting Down some Cattle Rustlers
There are (a few) trees in the Badlands
This is also the Badlands, though it looks like sand dunes along a beach in North Carolina.
Can you find the Bighorn Sheep in this picture? Kind of blurred, but center left is a real one hugging the rock face.
Bison, with no fence between us and them, and a Prairie Dog if you look close. “Bye Son” is what we told our son when he left for college.
A Ruby with a View

This place will always be a part of me. I hope that we enjoy Glacier National Park and Denali as much. I may have to get a proper camera in the near future instead of using the phone.

4 thoughts on “The Badlands!

  1. Wow is right. Maybe “Badlands” is a Lakota word for Mountains On Fire…maybe Not, but just gorgeous!
    I see you found a more conversant travelling companion…Good Job!! 💝


  2. Was there years ago and it was mesmerizing. So much to take in. Glad you are both enjoying every stop you make.

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  3. Oh wow John that video was just amazing! I’ve never been west except for California . Just stunning country. I envy you and CA for being able to just wander. I think a camera might just be the thing.

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