Glacier National Park

As an update to the last post, our plans for staying at the campground just outside of Glacier (reserved months ago) was a complete bust. Just before we departed from our current location in Shelby MT to head to the campground in Glacier, we were notified that the campground there was still closed, and the road was actually blockaded by the tribe. Wow. So we stayed in Shelby, paid for another couple nights, and we drove an hour and 40 minutes for a day trip to East Glacier today (2 June). Not the most ideal situation (a single day visit instead of four), but we still enjoyed the venture, and the small part of the park we could get to was magnificent.

The main road through the park, the “Going to the Sun Road,” is still mostly closed due to ice and snow drifts (not unexpected), so we were very limited in our explorations. The road normally isn’t clear for vehicles until late June. We took a tour bus as far as we could go up the road, then went outside the park to a bison ranch on tribal lands. Below is a short video of what we couldn’t see due to the road conditions.

Yesterday, I picked up a used Canon EOS T6 DSLR camera at a local pawn shop to give it a try, instead of using my cell phone camera. The photos below are with the new (to me) camera.

Singleshot (Natoyistak) Mountain. The top layer of lighter material is quartzite.
Memorial to the Blackfeet Tribe
Mahtotopa Mountain. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast of mountains and water.
What an amazing view; unfortunately I didn’t get the names of the individual mountains written down.

I’ve been playing around a little bit with Google Earth to show our journey so far. To use it, click the link above to open the new page, then click on the “Present” button (near the top/left). Then you can use the “Table of Contents” icon (at the bottom left) and the forward/reverse arrows to view/zoom to where we have stayed.

We head in to Canada tomorrow; time to switch my speedometer display to kilometers/hour!

4 thoughts on “Glacier National Park

  1. Good job with the new DSLR…you will probably appreciate it best for distance photos. Thank you for alllll your links! This is great fun. REALLY jealous about your gondola ride!!


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