Banff and Calgary

I have to admit to feeling a little nervous as we approached the Canadian Border. I had read of several people’s RVs getting turned inside-out by border inspectors, but like most worries, this one was unfounded. We crossed into Canada without a hitch (except for the hitch in the truck bed) and we had an uneventful journey north to Cochran Alberta, an area just to the west of Calgary.

Made it into Canada!

After arriving at our campground, I checked the weather and the forecast for Banff looked to be better in the morning, so we headed out shortly after getting up the next day. The trip was a little over an hour, and we enjoyed the sight of the Canadian Rockies as we approached.

The Trans-Canada Highway Approaching Banff

The town of Banff is actually located in the Banff National Park so we used our Canadian Park Pass for the first time. We drove through the small town and headed to the Banff Gondola to get a great view while the skies were still clear and blue. We arrived early, shortly after they opened to ensure I could find a parking space for the truck, which also gave us time for some coffee while waiting for our lift reservation time. The ride up to the top of Sulphur Mountain (7,486 feet) reminded me of a similar ride a couple years ago near Breckenridge CO. And the view from the top, was of course, spectacular.

View of Banff from the top of Sulphur Mountain. At the lower-center is the Fairmont Hotel, a local landmark.
The Canadian Rockies
The most Spectacular View (Awww)!

After getting back down the mountain we found the parking lot jammed with people looking for parking space, so I made somebody very happy by moving our big truck out of the lot. We motored a short distance back through town and parked at the railway station (free parking!) and walked back a few blocks to the center of town and had a great pizza and beer for lunch. Banff is definitely a foodie town, with many places to choose from.

Downtown Banff

After wandering through town and hitting one of the museums, we called it a day and headed back to the trailer for dinner.

The next day was a no-driving-day at the campground, though there was some local hiking involved along the Bow River. The following day we drove into Calgary to visit the local botanical garden, then enjoyed a nice birthday dinner at one of the local brew pubs.

Pulled Pork Nachos! Yes, we ate the whole thing.

Next stop, Edmonton, the capital of Alberta Province.

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  1. Man, y’all’s trip just keeps getting more and more spectacular! (And I’m diggin’ the occasional bursts of mush!) The geologic Forces at work there just boggle my mind, especially with how relatively Recently they had to have occurred. Glad you had a delicious birthday and I must say, your scotch is delicious…here’s to you both!

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  2. We stayed at that very hotel on our trip across Canada a decade ago. Spectacular in every way. No room for a birthday cake with that glorious Pork Nachos Meal!! Obviously delicious.
    Happy Day and all the years ahead.

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