Edmonton Area

As we progress on our journey to the north, we are already experiencing shorter nights. Sunset here in Edmonton is not until after 10:00 PM, and sunrise is at 5:00 AM. By the time we get to Alaska, we will only have a brief period of dusk in the early morning hours before the sun begins to illuminate our trailer. Fireworks on the 4th of July in Alaska can barely be seen, as we learned during a USS Nimitz port visit to Anchorage back in 1989.

Fortunately, I have a wife with talents, and she has created blackout curtains for the bedroom. The skylights, ceiling vent, and the three windows can now be covered. The ceiling has a fuzzy fabric surface that Velcro holds to perfectly to keep the window coverings up.

One of our first stops after arriving at our campground outside of Edmonton (Spruce Grove, AB) was to visit a grain elevator. I am willing to bet that nobody reading this blog has been inside a grain elevator, but now we have. It is actually a local museum that highlights the rural farm history of the area and the impact that this facility (and many others) had on the economy. We didn’t spend much time there, but it was a fun stop.

Grain Elevator Museum
We didn’t get to see this in operation, but I’ll bet OSHA would not be happy with it.

We also stopped by the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall. This is a big part of the City in the winter months, particularly the heated water park. Many of the stores are the same as you will find in any US shopping mall, but the attractions are a little unusual, and the place is just enormous. There is plenty of exercise just walking through all of the corridors. We made it out without buying anything (except lunch). Below is a short tour of all the attractions in the mall.

Here’s a short tour of the West Edmonton Mall

After the mall, we had a short walking tour around the downtown area, starting in Victoria Park, across the North Saskatchewan River (twice), and down the Royal Glenora Stairs.

200 Royal Steps
North Saskatchewan River

Tomorrow we head off to Dawson Creek BC, where the real journey begins. Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway!

One thought on “Edmonton Area

  1. I don’t know how you ever pried your eyeballs out of Banff…what a treat!! Through your literations, I may know more than a 5th Grader by the time you hit your goal.


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