Fort Nelson, BC

We are roughly a fifth of the way along the Alaskan Highway, taking our time and ambling along (can a truck amble?). We made a leisurely journey up from Dawson Creek, through the Pink Mountain area, and on to Fort Nelson (we’re still in British Columbia on Pacific Time). The roads were in decent shape, though light rain and mist prevented us from ogling the scenery as we drove along. Other RV’ers have reported seeing bears, but so far we have only seen a single moose nibbling shrubbery on the side of the road. We are currently hanging out in Fort Nelson for three nights before continuing along to the northwest.

We enjoyed visiting the small Fort Nelson Heritage Museum, which I think has one of the most eclectic collections of old cars, chainsaws, stuffed creatures, old aircraft parts, and whatever else you might want to imagine.

Fort Nelson Museum
An Important Tip from the Museum Staff
Part of the Job Application for Highway Workers
A Rare “Hardly Davidson” Motorcycle with a Chainsaw Engine

We also spent some time walking through the small town, though we avoided the local forest due to the very high number of mosquitos in the area.

We will depart Fort Nelson tomorrow and head toward Whitehorse in the Yukon, with stops to soak in Liard Hot Springs and visit Watson Lake. We’ll check in again after arriving in Whitehorse in a few days.

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  1. I Spent the full hour watching the video on building the Alaskan highway Fascinating!!! As time allows I click on all attachments and links and thank you for providing each and every one. Love

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  2. The Knights who say NEEP require more shrubberies since the moose came through! May the bears just amble by and take no interest in YOU!


  3. Hi JP and Carol-Ann. This is Tom and Katie from Take It Easy CG. I wanted to give you time to get comfortable RVing before I wrote. Looks as if you’ve adjusted quite well. We miss you as neighbors, but our paths might cross again in the future. You know how it is with military people. We never say goodbye, just see ya later. Well folks, I’ll close now. Travel safely and enjoy retirement. Semper Fi!


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