Wandering North Washington

We have been in Washington State for eleven days, trying to stay at the higher elevations to avoid the heatwave. But first, I have a confession to make. During this journey, we have crossed into Canada from Montana, then crossed back into the US up in Alaska, then back into Canada as we headed south again. And those three border crossings were a breeze. But coming back into the lower-48 was not so breezy; we were caught with contraband. 😳

If some of you want to unfollow us now, I understand. You may not want to be associated with us anymore. After all, we did get caught red-handed. Or was it hen-handed? Was that enough of a hint? Oh cluck-it; we had four grocery store bought chicken eggs confiscated. Not kidding. And here I was worried about the extra 6-pack of cider and half a case of wine that we had, or our three houseplants, or our fresh fruit. I hate to think what would happen to a chicken that wandered across the border. Laser turrets would probably pop out of the ground and fry the poor critter. Why did the chicken cross the border? To get crispy fried.

Anyhow, after the great egg-border-fiasco, we skipped the whole Seattle traffic woes and went straight east into the Cascade Mountains, and settled down for an entire week in the small town of Winthrop (I could live there). And a great week it was, though it was the first time we had turned on the trailer AC in many weeks. Our campground was just two blocks from the one-street downtown area, bringing walking paths, stores, ice cream vendors, and restaurants in an easy walking distance. I also had the brakes, bearings, and suspension checked out on the trailer and everything looked fine, though we will need new brakes on both axles by the time we get back to Florida. Ruby has an excellent exhaust brake, so I don’t often have to use the trailer brakes except at slow speeds.

Winthrop Main Street
Winthrop Wooden Sidewalks
View from the top of Patterson Mountain, looking back over Winthrop, one of several hikes we took.

We departed Winthrop and made our way to the even smaller town of Ione WA, where we are currently hanging out before we continue making our way to Yellowstone. See you then!

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  1. Ooo! You’re right by Metalline Falls, location for the bizarre fabric-like mineral palygorskite! But OH! your l-egg-alistic sins!!
    Ok, I forgive you. It looks like you had Winthrop to yourselves… a quaint looking place. Glad Ruby passed muster!

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