Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park was a short drive to the south from our campground near Yellowstone. So with plenty of water bottles with us (this time), we entered the Park and slowly made our way to Jenny Lake, stopping to eat our lunch and wander the Information Center, then hike around the lake and up to Inspiration Point.

The hike around the lake was an easy one, staying close to the waters edge until we got around to the Hidden Falls area, then we had more leg exercise as we went up-hill. We did make a short side excursion to Moose Pond when a couple of other hikers said there was a Moose in the water. So glad that we did not take the boat shuttle across, or we would have missed the Moose.

Following the steep ascent (and later descent) to Inspiration Point, we did opt to take the boat shuttle back across the lake and give our legs a rest.

Mount Moran
Grand Teton
A Moose in Moose Pond. She would bury her head underwater for close to a minute at a time.
Hidden Falls. I was surprised how much water there still was with not much snow pack left in late August.
The final leg of the trail up to Inspiration Point wasn’t much of a trail. Who needs guard rails!
View across Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point

We are continuing south today, heading toward Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

3 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. What glorious views you two have enjoyed!! With such crumbly footing, I’m sure the boat ride was a pleasant bit of respite. Maybe there’s a prehistoric secret fountain supplying that waterfall!


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