Arches National Park

Our entrance pass to Arches National Park was yesterday, during another beautiful sunny day in Utah. It is a very busy and popular park, and this was the first National Park we have been to that required timed-entrance tickets to limit the influx of vehicles. This was in addition to the 2022 National Parks Pass we have been using.

When we departed the park at the end of the day, we were both in a state of “scenery overload.” I cannot think of a better way to describe the sensation. Seeing these vistas originally as background to many western movies (as a kid), many of them in black & white, did not prepare me for being there in person. I won’t say much more in this post; I will just let the photos we took speak for us. Just understand that like the old western movies, these photos are very limited images of the true scenery and vivid colors that we enjoyed. These photos will be part of my computer wallpaper forever.

Just getting to the entrance gate took over 20 minutes in line, even with the timed-entrance ticket.
Along the Park Avenue Trail
We saw several of these twisted Juniper Trees throughout the park
Along the Park Avenue Trail
Courthouse Towers
The Tower of Babel
These are “Petrified Sand Dunes
Balanced Rock. The upper rock is Entrada Sandstone, and is resting on mudstone, so this unique structure will not last long before it falls.
Looking up at Balanced Rock
Garden of Eden
North Window Arch. There are over 2000 arches in the area of various sizes.
Turret Arch
Double Arch
Cache Valley
Ute Indian Petroglyphs. Two horse and riders with Big Horn Sheep
Fiery Furnace

What an amazing place this was to visit. We will depart tomorrow for Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

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