Lazing About in Arizona

So where were we, almost a month ago. Something about a big ditch If I remember correctly.

The last few weeks were a nice break, just hanging around the campground. Not much touristy stuff. The time was mostly spent just sitting about, pondering the eternal questions of life (such as what to have for dinner), while the Dear Wife flew to the east coast for 2+ weeks. Other than completing several books and daily hikes, the high point while staying in Cottonwood was finding a Papa Murphy’s in town, and realizing that their mid-size GF pizza could fit into the small RV oven.

I also took the down time to catch up on trailer maintenance tasks (such as repairing the 12 volt water pump, unclogging the bathroom sink, and inspecting bearings), with occasional forays out to the local area. I did learn that I have very little interest in hiking around the south west; waaay too much open, sunny desert with not very much greenery. I definitely miss the deep green forests that I had grown accustomed to on this trip. I did appreciate the cacti and their similar appreciation for hugs.

I relocated to Tucson without my faithful navigator, so of course ran into trouble while driving through Phoenix. The Arizona Department of Transportation decided to shut down (completely) I-17 through the middle of town, forcing me to wing-it through the downtown area while dragging the trailer. In my self-defense, I did pre-flight the route the day prior, and there was no indication that the highway closure was planned.

Here are a few pictures I took over the last 3+ weeks to share.

Rainbow at the Campground
Montezuma’s Castle (Very much misnamed)
Shhh, don’t tell anybody I was here.
Morning hike along the Boynton Canyon Trail
Boynton Canyon Trail
Boynton Canyon Trail
Boynton Canyon Trail
Tucson Botanical Gardens
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park

We departed Arizona today and are now in Las Cruces NM, the first of three stops in New Mexico as we start to make our way back east.

3 thoughts on “Lazing About in Arizona

  1. Ooo, great rainbow! I recognize those boots, and happy birthday to Ruby! Thank you for loaning us your DW…it was nice to see her.
    “Secret” Mountain? Sorta hard to camouflage one of those. Carry On!


  2. Wondering about the strata shown on the landscape. Anyone talk about the years they go back? And what about the careful doorway(?) marked by the rocks piled one on top of the other. Was that a cave? Love all of it. Thanks, John.


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