A Side Trip Back East

Subtitle: I left him in the desert

After six months living together in two small rooms, it was time to head back east and visit family and friends and leave John to his solitude.

I started my trip by having John take me to Phoenix to fly out to Newark NJ the next morning. The two-hour drive to Phoenix from the campground in Cottonwood AZ was another change of scenery. The huge Saguaro cactus were growing in the wild all over the place. We also saw many different cacti that neither of us had seen before. While spending a half-day in Phoenix, we had planned to add another botanical garden to our list of those we have visited, but with 102-degree temperatures in the shade I refused to participate.

So instead, we went to the Museum of the West. They had a wonderful exhibit of photographs of the Indians west of the Mississippi taken from 1910 thru 1930. They also had very good exhibits of pottery and weaving of the Southwest, as well as the usual cowboy paraphernalia. Totally worth the trip.

The next morning, I flew into Newark NJ so I could visit with our son and daughter-in-law in NYC. The ride into NYC gave me a great view of the Manhattan skyline. On Friday I was able to add another National Park visit to my list as John4 and I went to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We included in our trip “The Hard Hat Tour of Ellis Island.” It gave us the opportunity to hear stories about and tour the old hospitals that had been erected to tend to people who needed a little extra care before being sent on to their final destination.

Hanging with John4
Ellis Island
The Old Flame

On Saturday we went to the Museum of NYC. Lots of nice exhibits but our favorite was “Analog NYC”. It was fun to see what made our lives tick pre-digital age. My trip to NYC included meeting up with my childhood friend Marion. What a joy to introduce my children to her as well! Eating out and just hanging about with John and Megan rounded out my first stop beautifully.

On Monday, John4 escorted me to the Amtrak station/Moynihan Train Hall to catch my train to Baltimore so I could hang out in Annapolis with family for leg #2a of my trip. It really was fun to visit with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. Lots of puttering and eating were involved, as usual! Leg #2b was down to SOMD (Southern MD) to visit friends. Again, totally revitalizing. I even got to cook in a full-size kitchen!

Saturday, I hit the road again for the final leg of my trip. I headed to the NC mountains to just look around and see if I thought we could settle down there come winter. We can!

Sunday found me pulling into my sister’s house in Cumming GA. I am very fortunate that 2 of my 4 siblings live within 15 minutes of each other and Mom is in the middle. Lots of visiting without too much more driving! To add to that trip, my aunt and uncle were visiting at the same time, and we were able to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the day. What a wonderful day we had! Lots of amazing plants and a really good lunch as well! (FYI: if you go to the Atlanta Botanical gardens the restaurant is very good but you need reservations or you probably won’t be able to get in.)

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The rest of the 10 days in GA were spent eating, thrifting, eating, visiting, watching soccer games, eating…. Included in that visiting was my older brother and his lovely wife who dropped in for 2 days. When it’s been most of a year since you last saw them, it really is a special treat to hang out even for a few hours!

Tuesday, Oct 18th, found me headed for the Atlanta airport and my trip back to John, who had moved on to Tucson while I was gone. It was a great 3 week break from tiny house living but I’m glad to be back with John living this year in Ruby and Silver!

We’ve since moved onto Roswell NM to hang out with the Aliens as we make our way back east for Christmas in FL!

5 thoughts on “A Side Trip Back East

      1. Hello Harold,

        To reserve or not to reserve is a constant debate with RVer’s. Some people wing it and occasionally cannot find a place to stay when they get to their destination and end up parking somewhere to sleep. I prefer to have a destination/stop picked out weeks in advance, with a firm reservation. The reservations at the major parks that fill up quickly I made months in advance, while keeping note of the cancellation period in case we had a breakdown and we had to rearrange things.

        For finding campgrounds, I mostly used the RV Life website (https://campgrounds.rvlife.com/) and Google Maps. (searching an area for “rv park.” I paid the annual fee to get the full RV Life Campgrounds access. There are many other apps that provide campground listings. Most campgrounds have an on-line reservations system so you can see what spaces are available, but some places have to be called on the phone the old-fashioned way.

        Best Wishes


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